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Looking for a Windows 10 activator? You have come to the right place. Not only will you find a link to downloading the activator here, you will also learn how to use the activator. Let’s look into what an activator is and how it works.

Windows 10 Activation

Windows 10 activation is basically a measure implemented by Microsoft to limit the functionality on copies of Windows which are not ‘validated’ by their servers. You may have noticed a notice on the bottom right of your screen that tells you that you need to activate your copy of Windows. This is because your copy of Windows is not activated yet.

In order to activate your copy of Windows, you will need a Windows key. If you have a key for Windows you can simply use it to activate Windows. The process is fairly simple and you will not face any issues activating Windows. However, the problems begin if you do not have a Windows key. Now you cannot activate Windows and there is nothing you can do about the annoying message on the bottom right of your screen.

windows 10 activator is done through a key management system that is very similar to Windows 7 and 8. You can use the same techniques used in Windows 7 and 8 to activate your Windows, even if you do not have the key!

How to use Windows 10 Activator

If you want to activate Windows without having a Windows key you will need a Windows key activator. Windows 10 activators are applications that are made to allow people without keys to activate their copies of Windows. The most popular activator for Windows 10 is KMSpico. KMSpico is the most popular one because of how great it works and how easy it is to use it. Another huge advantage is that Kmspico doesn’t just activate Windows 10, it also activates Windows 7 and 8, as well as Microsoft Office products. It really is remarkable all the things that this little application can do.

Here is what you need to do in order to activate Windows 10.

Step 1: Get a good Windows 10 activator

If you search on the internet you will find many different Windows 10 activators. We are using Kmspico because it is very easy to use and has been a trusted activator for almost a decade. It was originally made for Windows 7, then it was updated to also work on Windows 8, and now it has been updated to activate Windows 10 as well.

As a bonus, it also activates many versions of Microsoft Office. You can download Kmspico from the official Kmspico website or you can get it from any other website that you trust. Make sure you only download Kmspico from a trusted source. Many websites host Kmspico with viruses that can infect your system if you use it.

Step 2: Turn off your anti-virus

Don’t worry – nothing insidious is happening here. Kmspico changes some core things in Windows and some anti-virus applications end up blocking it from working. If you are paranoid about turning off the antivirus don’t worry. You can run Kmspico with the antivirus active and only disable antivirus if you have problems activating.

Step 3: Log in to an administrator account

Windows has many different types of accounts. In order to run Kmspico you will need an account that has administrative privileges. If your computer only has one user account then it is probably the administrator. If you are using a work computer and there is another account called administrator then you don’t have administrative privileges. However, you shouldn’t be running Kmspico on a work computer anyway. Activating Windows on a work computer is the responsibility of your employer, so just talk to the IT person in your company.

Step 4: Run the Windows 10 activator

Once you have confirmed that you are using an administrator account you simply have to run the Kmspico application. The application does everything by itself. You simply run it and it analyzes your computer to find out what it can activate. You are shown a list of the things it can activate and there is a button called start. Simply press start and wait for a few minutes as your Windows is activated. Once the process is complete you are done – you have nothing to worry about. As simple as that. The Windows 10 activator will also activate any copies of Microsoft Office it finds, so you will be able to use all the features over there as well.

Yes, it really is as simple as that. You just have to download the Kmspico application and then run it. Everything else is done by Kmspico automatically. This is also why Kmspico is so popular. It just works.

Windows 10 Activator Loader By DAZ For Free!

Advantages of Windows 10 Activation

You may be wondering the point of activation. Why do you need to activate? You will notice that most things still work in Windows. You don’t have to activate Windows but we highly recommend that you do. Here are some advantages to activating Windows.

Your computer will be more secure

The biggest reason that you need to activate is that your copy of Windows will be much more secure after activation. See, when your copy of Windows is not activated it doesn’t get the security updates. This is because Windows update only works for copies of Windows that have been activated. When your computer connects to the Windows update servers, the servers first check whether your Windows is activated or not. If it isn’t activated then you will not be able to get the updates.

This is a big, big problem because of how Windows security updates work. People find vulnerabilities in Windows all the time. It is natural for a software this complex to have a few vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities may be small – they may allow your computer to be infected with an annoying virus. These vulnerabilities can also be very big. Some of the vulnerabilities can allow hackers to take control of your computer. Things like ransomware also make use of these vulnerabilities to lock away your important files and ask you for money to unlock the files.

The good thing is that Microsoft makes it a priority to fix these vulnerabilities. Whenever a vulnerability is discovered, Microsoft immediately starts working on finding a solution. As soon as they have a fix they send it out through the update system. Most of the vulnerabilities are fixed within a few days at max, some even sooner. You may even find fixes for vulnerabilities available on the same day the vulnerability was found.

The problem is that these fixes are usually only for activated Windows. Sometimes Microsoft releases fixes for everyone but most of them are just for users of activated Windows. Thus if your copy of Windows is not protected it is vulnerable. There are vulnerabilities in it that hackers know about, that Microsoft has released fixes for, but they still exist in your computer. Your computer isn’t safe unless you get these fixes.

Once you activate your copy of Windows you will be able to get these updated without any problems. Once your copy of Windows is activated you will be able to access Windows update, which will download all the updates that you need. Your computer will be protected because it will have all the latest fixes and all the known vulnerabilities in it will be fixed.

You will be able to customize your Windows

This isn’t really a deal breaker but it is very annoying. When you get the activation message you lose the ability to change your wallpaper. When you try to change your wallpaper you will be shown a message that says you need an activated version of Windows to change the wallpaper. This option is put in merely to annoy you. Your computer isn’t safer this way, and this isn’t even an important function. We all know how important it is to customize the look of our computer our own way. Instead of being able to put up pictures of your family, your favorite movie, or a beautiful nature picture, you will have to work with a plain black screen or one of the defaults Windows wallpapers.

The annoying notice at the bottom right of the screen

The annoying notice that shows up on the bottom right on your screen goes away once you activate Windows. This notice is very annoying. The worst part is that it isn’t actually on your desktop wallpaper – it is positioned in front of everything on your screen. So while you can simply not look at the notice if you are reading something, the problem gets much worse if you are doing something else. Nothing takes you out of a movie faster than the activation notice showing up over the movie. Playing video games is a chore too as the notice shows up above the game that you are playing. No matter what you do the notice does not go away. The only way to remove the notice is to activate Windows.

You will get new features in Windows

Remember those Windows updates we talked about when we were discussing security? Well, security fixes are just a part of the many updates that activated Windows gets. Microsoft also adds features to Windows through updates that are only available to users of activated Windows. One recent update that was only for activated Windows was called the Creators Update. It included multiple new applications as well as updates. It included a 3D version of Microsoft Paint, which allows you to create and design 3d objects. It also added support Windows wide for 3d objects. You can download 3d objects and make it a part of your painting. Many new features were added as well. So if your version of Windows is activated you get the new and shiny things to play with, but if it isn’t activated you get nothing new.

You will not be asked to activate again

This is obvious, but if you activate it using an activator once it is activated forever. You will not be asked to activate Windows again. No more annoying notices.

Precautions when using Kmspico

Kmspico is a great tool but you need to be careful when using it. The first thing you need to worry about is that you need to get Kmspico from a good source. There are many websites which will infect your computer with viruses if you download Kmspico from them. You should only get Kmspico from the official website or from any other website that you trust.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you should never use Kmspico on a work computer or a computer you use to do your own work. While Microsoft does not mind normal people using its Windows without getting a key, they take companies using Windows without a key very seriously. Your business will end up suffering if you are caught in any way. If you are using your computer to earn money then just get a key the normal way. If you are using it for normal things like surfing the internet and playing video games, you are good to go.

Kmspico is a great tool because it allows people who cannot get keys to have a great experience with Windows. There are many people living in countries where they cannot afford to buy official versions of Windows. There are many people who do not have control over their own finances and thus cannot buy a key. All these people get to use computers thanks to Windows 10 activator. This is why it is so important for essential things like Windows to be available to anyone. It isn’t like Microsoft is facing a loss either. Since everyone uses their Windows, people end up buying Windows later on when they can. Just make sure you have administrator privileges on the computer where you plan to use Kmspico.

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